I just aquired a 2001 kinetic TFR. It has about 100 miles. the guy i bought it from hardly used it stored it with the tank drained for most of its life.

she ran beautifully the first few days but then the trouble began. I have changed the sparkplug, the fule filter, and cleaned the air filter. It ran great again, then bad again. After adjusting the idle and the throttle it seemed good but now it is backfiring and feels like it is not getting any gas at intervals.

it goes POW, no gas, vroom vroom (normal for a second), then POW no gas. Usually adjusting the screw on the carb (idle right?) will ensure that even if i stalled it will start again and get me home. i think the carb is clean. it still has only about 200 miles on it. any suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks, jill

also, is it normal for the lights to dim when i break or let off the gas?

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Mike Scouty McScoutington /

the lights dimming are normal. how is the tank? any rust in there? that could be yoru problem. your carb may be dirty form rust particles breaking free of the tank and clogging the jet. if this is the case, clean the carb. it may take a few tanks of gas being run through before the most of the rust/sediment is cleared out. this can still be the case even if you do have an inline fuel filter. good luck and keep up posted.

Re: problems

first off i'd like to commend you on acquiring a beautiful kinetic. i'm a big fan of the stealth qualities of a black ped. i agree with mike about your carb. from what it sounds like, you may need to clean it. the lights dimming is normal. it's because instead of being hooked up to a battery, it's power is run through a magneto. good luck and keep us posted.

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Leon Swarmer /

Since you have a filter, why not change it before you clean the carb. Do the simple stuff first.


Re: problems

thanks so much for your speedy replies!!

now that you mention it, i think i did see some rust in the gas tank. when i picked up my ped i had to take 'er home in the trunk of my car so the gas had to be drained and i drained the gas again when she was acting up just in case my gas was bad, so i had a few opportunities to see the tank empty.

so to solve the possible problem of rust flakes i think i should: drain the tank, flush the tank (i am not really sure how to do that or how to clean it), coat the inside of the tank with 2-cycle oil, and then refill.

if i am wrong or missing any steps feel free to school me, i would appreciate it.

must i then clean the carb in case rust is still in it?

thanks ya'll so much!!!

Re: problems

thanks leon, i changed the filter as soon as i got it. i did as much of the easy stuff as i could think of, ie. sparkplug, idle adjustment, etc.

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Leon Swarmer /

Jill, a rusty tank can block a filter in a few minutes. buy 6 of them and keep replacing them,

do a search for cleaning tanks. it has been discussed a lot.


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Leon Swarmer /

That tank is a part of the frame on the Kinetic isn't it???

I'd be tempted to take the fuel line off the petcock and let it run through a filter of some sort (pantyhose???) into the gas can.

Then pour the gas back into the tank and drain it it several times until you don't see rust flakes.

just make sure you do it outside with a bit of wind...


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cool, thanks leon, i will check for those posts on cleaning the tank. i will also try your suggestion with the pantyhose!!

i am afraid that if there is rust in the gas that i will have clogged up the carb. that would be bad. i have a fear of trying to remove the carb to clean it. maybe some carb cleaner in the gas will help.

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A coffee filter works well for straining gas also.

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My sisters Harley (Topper) was running like that. There were little bits of carbon bridging the spark plug gap. The backfire would tend to blow the bit out and it would do it again a short time later. After several periods of running it the carbon must have cleaned itself away. Her scooter had been sitting for years also. Good luck

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You'll need to get real intimate with your carb. Make sure you get a filter that uses paper or cloth as the filter material and not a mesh material. Rust will degrade into very fine particles, enough to get through fine mesh material and clog up your jets. You really need to take apart your carb and clean your main jet's tiny holes. Clean them until you can see light straight through them. Clean your carb good or you'll be cleaning it again real soon.

Re: problems

i did this but there was no sign of rust in the gas.

i just cleaned the carc with carb cleaner, running better but too soon to be sure.

BTW, my husband wants to lower the oil percentage in the gas, he thinks that the hight humidity calls for that. we live in north florida and the air is almost liquid.

also, i have seen oil on the carb when i remove the air filter, seems bad but i don't know.

thanks for helping me!!

Re: problems

Either more fuel or less air makes a richer air:fuel ratio..

Hot air is less dense .. less air per volume .. air:fuel mixture gets richer.

Humid air carries much water vapor and so has less air per volume.. air:fuel ratio gets richer again..

Less oil in the fuel mean more fuel is in every volume of liquid.. air:fuel ratio gets richer yet again.

So you'd want to increase the amount of oil in the gasoline to lean the mixture caused by the hot, humid conditions.

(More oil = less gasoline per volume and less gas makes a leaner mixture)

But be careful about using this method of leaning.. the leaner mix runs hotter while providing less lubrication.

slight screw-up ..

_But be careful about using this method of leaning.. the leaner mix runs hotter while providing less lubrication_

Slight screwup .. the leaner mix does run hotter, but you're using more oil , not less.. So lubrication is actually improved.

Re: problems

yet another problem. my husband just showed me that when the kinetic is idling it will stall completely if the handlebars are moved all the way left.

any ideas? could that be wiring?

Re: problems

may be faulty wiring .. a loose connection somewhere or a bare spot on the 'kill' switch (or ignition switch) wires are grounding ignition.

may be the throttle cable adjustment .. Try pulling on the throttle cable .. see if the engine dies

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