My Honda moped doesn't start

My honda Pa50 II does'nt start I put gas in the cylinder and i pedal and it don't start .It make blue spark. I try to adjust the carburator and it don't start wath can I do

Re: My Honda moped doesn't start

you have a good spark and fuel in the cylinder won't start it .. What year is the bike.. did this bike ever run for you?

Re: My Honda moped doesn't start

It's a 1981 and someone gave me and When it was in bad condition I try to put gaz in cylinder An it start a bit and stop but now nothing

Re: My Honda moped doesn't start

i think you'll have to drop the engine so you can take the carburetor off to clean it. This is a lot of trouble so first see if gasoline is reaching the carburetor. You can do this by opening the carb's float bowl drain screw. It's on the right side, bottom of the carb.

Remove the right side plastic pedal-chain cover. Stick a flat screwdriver through the sprocket and through the special little hole in the swingarm's sheet metal. This hole lines up with the carb's drain screw.

Before doing anything else, find the end of the drain hose.. it should be in or near the centerstand's spring. (the hose's end may be somewhere above the muffler.. find it.) Put a container under the hose's end to catch gasoline.

Unscrew the drain screw a couple turns. Fuel should flow steadily into the container.

Tighten that drain screw.


If no fuel is reaching the carb, remove the fuel hose going from the tank to the carb at the tank's shutoff valve (petcock). See if fuel comes out of the tank's petcock. If it doesn't, clean the petcock's filter.. If fuel still will not flow, you'll have to remove the petcock and clean it's screen .. If you get this far be aware that gasoline may pour out at any moment.

Re: My Honda moped doesn't start

humm, marc..

it seems that your english is pretty.. humm.. bad...

that let me thing you probably speak french.

i also do speak french, and i also have a hotmail account.

i added you to my MSN list.

maybe i could give you more help in direct chat.

let me know if you use MSN.

i know a lot about pa50 (thanks to joew)

he knows more then me, of course, but i think i know enough to help!

let me know


Re: My Honda moped doesn't start

hey g.b. .. glad you showed up.. try and walk him through the engine-drop / carb removal thing if necessary..

It does sound like his engine has started before, and perhaps using Starter Fluid with a new plug will confirm that ignition is still ok.

It seems like the familiar story.. the bike sits in storage for a long time and the carb (or fuel system) needs cleaning.

Re: My Honda moped doesn't start

yeah, that what i tought, and sometime it can be a real hassle to try and help on a forum...

sometime when someone doesnt really know the bike, it can takes like 20-30 posts to do something easy enough...

just like what happened to my pa50 going faster uphill...

and about that... i received my parts, and everything is fine, i think.

i didnt get to try the moped because i sent my gaz tank to a shop to get a kind of ''kreem', job done... it was REALLLLY rusty..

the new pulley opens really beter than the old one, and it also opens more! i also ordered the 2 brake cables and the drive belt, these parts are hard to come by, so i took them at the same time.

i'll let you know how it went!


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