puch 1-speed thick white smoke...seals?

hey guys

i have a puch maxi sport that i am working on fixing up. it runs pretty well but after running it for a while pretty hard, like a half hour maybe, it starts belching a thick white smoke.. i mean, thick.. like i leave a trail behind me a block long! it smells like ass, too. the bike still seems to run okay, like i got it home fine and have even taken it for a couple of quick spins around the block since then, but not yet another long ride. no strange noises or anything

i have a sneaking suspicion, bolstered by reading another post in this forum, that i might have a bad seal and be burning tranny fluid. assumedly i need to replace the seals. unfortunately all the responses to the last post were all smart-ass and shit and nobody really gave a good response that i would actually spend money by.

so i ask: does this really sound like a seals problem? if so, this is what i want to buy, right?

Re: puch 1-speed thick white smoke...seals?

If you've got transmission oil burning up in the engine, then the crankshaft seals are most likely the problem. Can be other (nasty) things like a crack in the case, but the seals are much more likely.

Also, make sure that you don't have the transmission overfilled... if it's really burning tranny oil, the level is probably low at this point. Still, an overfilled transmission might be able to force oil past the seals.

Hope that helps.


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