NYC repair shop?


i'm having trouble with my honda passport. i can't seem to find a shop to service it (soon) in new york. if you know of a good repair shop in new york (brooklyn preferably) please let me know. you can call me at 718 578 8892 or email


Re: NYC repair shop?

What is the matter with the scooter?

Re: NYC repair shop?

i bought it non running (cheap.) the guy who sold it to me told me it had been running ok but was told that it could use a new throttle cable. so he tried replacing it himself and now the bike doesn't start. i tried replacing it and it still doesn't start. i found that the battery was low so i'm charging it right now and then i'm gonna try to start it again. it may need more work and i'm not even sure what.

Re: NYC repair shop?

Whether or not a bike has a throttle cable or not it should still start and idle. Maybe he messed with the carb too.

Give a shot with a charged battery, although I think it can still start with a dead battery using the kick start. Let me know what happens.

Where are you in Brooklyn?

Re: NYC repair shop?

hey tom

i charged up the battery, and i got more things working but not the bike. i took it to my car mechanic and he got it running great. i don't know what he did, i have to pick up the bike later today. i'll let you know what the prognosis was though. i'm in williamsburg by the way

thanks for your interest


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