Motobecane bearing

I am looking for 2 motobecane motor bearings for model v40 1970.

bearing 6302 nachi, made in japan

42mm diameter

16/42 mm diameter



Re: Motobecane bearing

If they're just a basic 6302 type bearing (common as a shoe) then the best place to buy them is a bearing supply house. Check your local yellow pages under 'bearings'.

I purchased a pair of bearings for the r. wheel on the motobecane, at my local supply (Gopher Bearing). I think they were type 6202; cost $5/ea brand new.

Re: Motobecane bearing

Thank you for your reply

I checked in several Bearing Stores, they have the bearing 6302 except the interior size is not the same

mine is 16mm diameter and the one on the market are 15mm in diameter. The ext diam are 42mm in both cases.

Re: Motobecane bearing

Is this the main bearing for a Motobecane?

The bearing is NLA, you're kind of at the mercy of the eBay / NOS parts people. However, I did find a manufacturer in Taiwan that sells a magneto bearing that meets all the size specs. As to whether or not it's a suitable replacement, I cannot say.

Best of luck. Did you try Handy Bikes, and Fischer Vintage Cycle?

Re: Motobecane bearing

where exactly did you see the number 6302? and where did you get the 16mm ID and 42mm od?

Re: Motobecane bearing


time to get out the dremmel

zip zip

Re: Motobecane bearing

No such thing as a 16mm 6203 bearing.Bearing numbers for metric bearings 10mm i.d. to 20mm i.d. work this way. The first two numbers tell you what series bearing it is in this case a 6200 series Deep single row ball bearing.The second two numbers indicate the inside diameter of the bearing "ie:" 00 means 10 mm. 01 means 12mm. 02 means 15mm. 03 means 17mm. and 04 means 20mm. anything above 20mm the numbering system is different. The next two or three letter and or digits mean it is shielded or sealed ie; 2rs or just rs. 2 means it has 2 rubber seals and rs just means one rubber seal. no letter or numbers means it is open on both sides "no seals or shielding". The last two or three letter/numbers you may see are what the internal Clearences are in the bearing Example C1, C2, C3, C4 or C5 the lower the number the most wide clearences it has between moving parts the higher the number the tighter the tolerances.

So what you describe is a 6203 or 6200 series bearing "single row" with a 02 inside diameter or 15mm id.It has no other numbers so it is an open ie:"no shielding or seal on either side"Hope this helps and isn't to complicated for what you need.BTW this only applies to the metric bearings of this type and sizes metioned above.Jim.

Re: Motobecane bearing

Opps i ment 6302! everything else still stands.Jim

Re: Motobecane bearing

Ahhh.... further research shows that non common sizes do exist** at the bottom of the page shows 6302-15.78 and 6302-16 they also come sheilded 6302-16 ZZ or sealed 6302-16 2rs.DOH.....Sorry for the mix up I screwed up."I sounded so profesional to Sigh....LOL.Jim

Re: Motobecane bearing

I found the number on the bearing itself and I took the

measurement myself as I have the all engine aparts


Re: Motobecane bearing

Yes this is the crankshaft bearing (the left side when looking at from the front or the magneto's side)

I checked with MKF and a few retailers in Montreal and the 6302 comes with 42mmext x 15mm int instead of 16mm.

I phoned a retailer in Paris, France and they might have it on order but I would rather get it around here.


Re: Motobecane bearing

Thank you Jim

Apparently 6302 is now interior size 15mm as you said but was formely 16mm.

This bearing is from an 1970 engine that I bought extra for my 2 V40 1970 Mobylette Motobecane and probably at that time the number matched with a 16mm spec or it was a special fabrication for Motobecane 1970


Re: Motobecane bearing

yeah it sounds like this bearing was specially made for this type application some of the manufacures used to have their bearings made to order.Good luck in finding it!

Let me tell you I spent 2 hours online looking for you last night. Did you get the bearing out and measure it?

If their is this bearing specially made it will have a number like this

6302-or/16 and if shielded will have one Z for one side shield or two ZZ for both sides shielded or they can be for sealed RS for one side rubber sealed or 2RS for both sides sealed.

6302-/16 ZZ Double Sheilded

Z Shield one one side only

RS Rubber seal on one side only

2RS rubber seal on both sides

Also after the Sheild/seal number/letter you may see internal tolerance letter/numbers like this below.

C1 normal everyday use bearings

C2 a little tighter tolerances

C3Agricultural uses combinds tractors and such

C4Automobile engines,High speed wheel bearings

C5 industrial uses such as the space program,turbine generators,jet engines and such.

so the whole number might look like this 6302-/16 ZZ C3 if every thing was included which alot of times is not.Did I tell you I hate bearing numbers!Good luck Jim.

Re: Motobecane bearing

Thank you Jim for your effort.

I took out the bearing and measured it. The all engine is apart.

The bearing reads as follows: JAPAN NACHI 6302 D

The other bearing is still good ans has a different number:

''ITALY SKF 44014'' and 2 letters or numbers I cannot see

The sizes are the same in both cases.

Monday I phoned a retailer in Paris France and he told me that he can have one for me but to make sure I will email him about the interior size.

Thank you


Re: Motobecane bearing

Re: Motobecane bearing

Did anyone ever locate a source for the Motobecane crank bearings? I'd like to change them in my 50V.

Re: Motobecane bearing

I have located easely new bearing 15mm/42mm but

I assume that your crankshaft has a 16mm diameter.

I have also located bearing 16/42 but only in Paris France.

If you wish to know the company and address, please let me know

Re: Motobecane bearing

I was hoping to locate a number of the 6302D bearings with the 16MM inside diameter but have come up empty handed. I have, however, managed to have some of the standard 6302 bearings custom ground to fit the motobecane crankshaft. The motobecane crankshaft doesn't not have a standard 16 mm shaft either, there is a slight taper to it and the bearing is radiused on one side as well. Unfortunately the machining process it quite time consuming so these bearings are going to rather costly. I haven't been billed yet but I am having 10 ABEC-3 bearings made up at the moment.

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