adjustable shock tool?

The Puch Maxi Sport I am restoring has adjustable shocks. What kind of tool will I need to set them? At present, they are so far extended that the stand needs to be blocked up.

Do I need to order the tool or can I jury-rig one myself.

I would assume other 'peds beside this model have this type of spring-shock.

Re: adjustable shock tool?

As far as I know you turn them with your hand to the desired hight. But I have never seen or owned a bike with these shocks so it's just an assumption.

Re: adjustable shock tool?

On Japanese bikes with adjustable shocks, they supply a little hook-wrench in the stock toolkit, for purposes of adjusting the shocks.

The only place I've seen that sells them for your toolbox is Snap-On. There may be some cheaper alternatives, though. See if Kawa (the tool supplier, not Kawasaki) offers one.

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