Suzuki Brake adjustment

I have a 1985 Suzuki FA50. When I got it, the brakes were frozen to the wheels. I took both wheels off and cleaned the brakes and drums with steel wool. The front brakes work some but not as well as I want. How do I adjust the front brakes to stop the bike?

Also, the rear brake cable seems to be frozen. I bought another but it seems to be frozen also. Since two seems to be doing the same thing, I was wondering if I was making a mistake somewhere. Any tips, tricks or suggestions?


Bill Asburry in Fort Wayne.

Re: Suzuki Brake adjustment

try urinating on the cables as the acidic properties release any trapped air molecules which aid the freezing process and could explain your brake problem.

Re: Suzuki Brake adjustment

Bill Asburry /


a comedian.

This site has a great number of very experienced moped owners that provide a lot of help to questions from less experienced people such as myself.

Why is it that I seem to attract the smart alects in the forum?

Re: Suzuki Brake adjustment

Don't worry. Someone with more help will come along. Do the brakes have a threaded rod down by the wheel where the brake cable comes out of? I am not sure what's on your bike, but on my maxi, you loosen the two nuts holding that and adjust it so that the threaded rod (I'm sorry, I don't know the name) sits further away from where the brake cable attaches to the brake drum lever.

As far as the new cable being stuck, that's odd. Did it slide in and out of the sheathing before you installed it? If so, then it was somehow installed correctly.

Re: Suzuki Brake adjustment

Bill Asburry /

Thank you,

I have a Suzuki FA50. I didn't even try to install the cable I bought. I first tried pulling on the center cable to see that the other end changed. It didn't, so I squirted WD-40 into the cable with the hope that it would help lubricate the center cable. So far, nothings changed.

The front brake is really strange. I can feel the brake grab but I can still rotate the wheel. I can't see to adjust the cable so that when the brake grabs, the wheel cannot rotate.

Anyway, thanks for your kind words and help.


Re: Suzuki Brake adjustment

hey Bill,

You may need to purchase new brake pads, since they must have a correct amount of pad material left on them to really make them grab. As far as the reason the rear brake cable is hung up, well, a lot of times you wont be able to pull that cable with your hands and make it contract. you should mount it to the moped first (taking care to attach the kick start engagement lever, and then start with the threaded adjustment rod where its just hand tight into the recieving screw. if the brake grabs, its good, if not...tighten the adjustment rod until it grabs tight enough to stop you to your liking (remember the Suzuki FA50, as much as i love my own, is not a performance machine, and braking should be done at a reasonably mild pace). If you still cannot get it to grab, then either one of two things is happening, either the brake pads are wore out (you can get new ones from the factory for $19 or something at your local Suzuki motorcycle dealership, or online at <url></url> or the other alternative is that the bike linkage is bent or worn out or something along those lines (which is prolly unlikely)

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