Puch Maxi model?

Today I picked up a '78 Puch which, according to Myron's Mopeds Service Manual, is either a Maxi Sport or a Maxi Sport MKII.

The engine is a high-torque e50 one-speed.The paint is that terrible metallic bronze. The air cleaner looks like a round microphone. The long rear spring-shocks are adjustable.

Can someone I.D. this for me?

I have never seen either model Puch, so I wouldn't know the difference. Could someone explain the difference?

Re: Puch Maxi model?

Jason Luther /

mkii is a two speed. im pretty sure

Re: Puch Maxi model?

You are correct, sir. I checked with google and that was the info, so I must have the vanilla Maxi Sport, probably with the stock e50 engine.

I just pulled the top end and found a gasket. This is the 8-fin Hi-Torque which is supposed to have no head gasket. The 9-fin Magnum has a .4mm gasket. Some twit has been working on this beast. Now it's <this> twit's turn.

Thanks for the input.

Re: Puch Maxi model?

Jason Luther /

heh heh. have fun, puchs are easy to sqeeze power from.

Re: Puch Maxi model?

Agismo, the engine will tell you what type it is right on the top of the case. It'll say either E-50 or ZA-50, with the ZA-50 being the two-speed.

Anything you need for help, the people here can offer... it's amazing the things people know around here.

Also, check out Fred's Guide in the Resources > Articles section, it's the essential go-to guide for when you're revamping an old 'ped.

Good luck!

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