Huge Blue Flame

Hello all,

So the latest in a very long series of problems with my ped occured last night, and, to tell the truth, is a bit bizarre. So it's been having spark problems, and I've been doing my best to figure out what they are. Last night I finally got so frustrated I got around to changing the points, and after I changed them, it sparked right up. I then set the timing with a pencil with mm markings in it, but I set it very inaccurately, but I thought at the time that it was more accurate than I think it is now. anyway, I put the plug back in and tried to start it and it wouldn't start, but it would make this horrible squeeking noise around the muffler, so Itook of the muffler and it still wouldn't start, but it would, however, backfire and shoot a HUGE foot long blue flame out of the back of my exhaust. I'm not joking. I have no idea; but if anyone else does, please let me know. thanks.

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Leon Swarmer /

William, It certainly soudns like a timg problem to me. Did you correctly gap your points?

Are you talking about your Bat? What year is it?

You set the timing with a pencil? don't know about the Bats, but tiiming is often set just by lining up marks on the flywheel and the case. Are you trying to measure something BTDC?



Re: Huge Blue Flame

Yeah, it's my batavus VA. It's a 77. I didn't set the gap, I wanted to set it by when they open in relation to tdc. They're supposed to open 2mm BTDC. Yes, I know that timing is set by lining up the marks on the flywheel, but unfortunately, my flywheel has no marks, I've checked, there's nothing. I recently tried to reset the points with the use of a voltmeter. I set it on ohms, set the red cable on the points and the black to ground. This gave me a very precise time when the points opened (much more precise then just looking at them. I thought I got it pretty close, but it still doesn't run. Thanks for the input. Oh, it doesn't do the squeek/blue flame thing anymore after I readjusted the timing, but it still must be off because it doesn't run still. Thanks for the input.

Re: Huge Blue Flame

Jason Luther /

unless the timing is wwaayyy off, it still should run, just not very well.

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When you timed the motor, are you sure that you set the points to open before and not after TDC?

All it takes is confusion about which direction the engine rotates, and you can accidentally do this.

From the sound of things, it seems like the spark is happening way too late - as in, the exhaust port is already open (or almost open).

Re: Huge Blue Flame

I agree the timing is not done correctly make shure you fully understand the prosess it is complicated and not for the amature. "You cannot fix what you do not understand" understand it don't just follow the instructions, I hope you can get your timing problem fixed. If you are not comfortable or not able to do it send it to a shop with the point and BTDC info and they can do it accuratly for you. I use a home made TDC tool made out of a sparkplug it is extremly accurate and well worth the time it took to make it. Good Luck

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