Encarwi Carb Spring

TWO QUESTIONS concerning the Encarwi Carb on my Batavus:

-The idle screw spring is missing. Can anyone tell me the proper spring outer diameter, spring wire diameter, and spring free length so that I can replace it? I attached a picture of the idle adjustment screw that I removed.

-The carb did not have a fuel inlet screen. What other materials can I use to make a new one, or can I get away without it?



Re: Encarwi Carb Spring

Don Pflueger /

get the spring from ike. any spring will do, but you can get one for an 80's tomos with an a3 engine.

just use an inline filter.

Re: Encarwi Carb Spring

John Joedicke /

All the spring is doing is keeping tension on the screw so it won't back off. Do as Don says.

Re: Encarwi Carb Spring

so the spring seats in between the carb itself and the shoulder of the idle screw?

Re: Encarwi Carb Spring

Don Pflueger /

yep. just puts pressure on the screw and prevents it from vibrating loose.

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