tank cleaning

does anyone know where I could get my gas tank cleaned in rva?

Re: tank cleaning

is there autozone where you live if so go there they will tank to clean that where i got to get my tank cleaning stuff

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if you go to your local motorcycle parts store they should stock a kit called Kreem. It will help.

Also try battery acid and water.. and soak for 2 days.

Also try Coke a Cola and let its soak for a day and use a pressure washer.

Also get some brass BB's for a sports store with a little bit of acetone and give it a nice shake for a while.

Or try a flexable wirebrush and attach it to a drill and spin it inside the tank.

There are many ways. all of them never really do that well. Rust is a biatch. I just usually use compressed air when the tank is very dry and blow out at much as i can. Soak in gas, drain and dry for a day and do it all over again.


Re: tank cleaning

Is the tank removable?

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no the tank is not removable. and all your ways are preschool and stupid. I know how to clean a tank: pour carb cleaner in the tank to get all the krud out, then pour muratic acid in it to clean out the rust if there is any(which there is in my case), then pour fiber glass inside and roll the tank around. all this involves tiping the bike over and around, but I'm just lazy right now. I was asking if there was shop that would do it for me.

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I apologize for trying to offer help that you deem "preschool and stupid". This forum is usually used by "do-it yourselfers" We were only trying to help save you a few $$. Good luck!

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I am a do-it-yourselfer too, and I apologize for the attitude.

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No problem, we have all had bad days. A ped that is giving you trouble is no fun and frustrating. Hope you get it going soon!

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I finished my 80 Puch tank about 2 weeks ago (2nd time doing this). I took photos and will post them in a few days along with the process - learned from posters here. In short, I stripped the ped down to the frame and suspended it from a tree branch. I added 25 assorted nuts and boiling hot soapy water and shook the crap out of it for about 3 or 4 hours (one entire morning). It was incredible what came out of it - a previous owner apparently poured the kreem C into the tank and just let it puddle - it looked like a shoe sole when I got it out of the fill hole. Then I filled it with a quart of acetone and the nuts and did that for about 4 hours on and off with the nuts. Then I put more soapy hot water and did that for about 1 hour. Then I rinsed the tank and did the kreem a, b anc c process all over again. The good part about having the ped suspended is that during the kreem c process you can lay it over at just about any angle to get the kreem spread real evenly. Anyway, it worked great - perfect. Even though is was killing my arms, I would recommend that way to do it. I did it with the ped assembled about 2 months ago and I couldn't get enough energy into the shaking - that's why the old kreem didn't come out of the tank that time around. Anyway, I'll have some pics in a few days. BTW, I doubt that any shop would do that kind of work anyway - it would cost a lot I'd think. Jim

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