Moped Repair and Restoration in Thornhill

I am officialy avaliable to service Mopeds, all you have to do is get it to me. I am doing this because there has not been a Moped that I have not been able to get running. I would love to get yours running too. Please check out my info bellow




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Mission Statment - To offer Proffesional and Quality Moped Service. Including Engine Repair and Rebuilding, both top and bottom end. Frame and Body Restoration including identifying and replacing missing or damaged parts and pannels. Electrical Servicing avaliable as repair or replacment.

Experience since 1996 on most makes of Classic Mopeds

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Re: Moped Repair and Restoration in Thornhill

steve matichuk /


i have a 1975 honda PC50 that has fallen ill. here's what's wrong with the bike:

1) the rear brake cable snapped where it attaches to the lever. is this repairable or replacable with a newer part? the bike has disk brakes on both ends.

2) a couple of days ago while i was riding, the bike suddenly started to lose power, and eventually stalled out. it happened to me once with an old (honda) car and turned out to be the ignition coil and battery. i haven't tried to restart the bike since, but commonly rely on the "bump-start" method as opposed to the traditional pedal start due to the awkward length of the crank arms. is this really bad for the bike? i was told it's okay either way.

3) this item is not as important as the bike seemed to run perfectly in spite of the following damage: a previous owner seems to have smashed the exhaust off of something; probably a curb or the like. the collision has bent the whole assembly toward the rear of the bike (about 1 1/2 ") causing it to not line up with the mount built into the frame, and a gap between the start of the exhaust pipe and the bottom of the engine block.

as a fellow, albeit recent enthusiast, i would love to utilize your talents if you think that you can make my audrey well again. please contact me via email at,

or better yet by phone (in toronto) at 416-899-7886.

thanks for any future consideration,


steve matichuk

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