PUCH - Fork bushing replacement


any thoughts on using a generic bushing for the fork? (Just under the dust cover)

MWH wants 20 for 4, but I only need one!

Or can I just open it up, and fish it out, and put it back?



Re: PUCH - Fork bushing replacement

Ben Van Zoest /

Yes you can. I had a machine shop roll me some from brass shim plate 8" long, shoved er in from the bottom up. Oh the old sleeves on this Italian ped had slid down why I don't know. The new ones are staying put.

Re: PUCH - Fork bushing replacement


They have thousands of SAE and metric bushings, in various materials, styles and sizes.

Re: PUCH - Fork bushing replacement

just replace all 4.. why replace one when your just going to have to replace the other sometime soon. the plastic gets old and the little nipple that lock it in its position breaks off..

Its best to just buy all 4.. 20 bucks is a good price.


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