Scooter in a lake

I have a UM Xpeed 50 scooter. Some one stoled my scooter and after they have their fun throw it in a lake.

I drain the water out lubricated the engine It look good but I can't start it. I think it might be electrical system problem. Battery is fully charged. What should I check for next? or how do I troubleshoot.

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make sure the carb has no water and check for spark

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You will have to drain the carb, the gas tank, the oil tank and flush out the oil lines and hope and pray. Is it getting spark?


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Some people are sick, sorry to hear they did that to your bike

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i'd agree its electrical .. Open whatever you need to open to access all the electrical connectors and switches.. let them all dry out. Use compressed air, if its avaialble, to blow-dry things.

Some corrosion might have already happened, depending on how long it was in the water and the type of water. All corrosion would need to be cleaned off of all wire connections, including switches. Afterwards spray connectors and switches with a bit of WD40 which repels water.

You may want to get into the brakes, steering, suspension components, etc., and remove any water .. and clean things up.

Although it involves a bit of work it's not a big deal .. you were comparatively lucky. When they found one of my bikes it was a total loss.

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good thinking.. im gonna go chain up my moped right now.. at 1 AM...

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how...did you find it? especailly if it was in a lake.

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I reported to the police and they found it in the lake three day later. I guess it must be shallow water.

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Should I replace the distributor and and other electrical component?

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Battery is full and no electric at all.

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I see no reason to replace anything.. bikes are built to be very much water resistant (although they shouldn't be dumped into lakes and left there for days). Individual electrical components are built water proof when necessary.

Dirty water, especially salty water, is electrically conductive. It also causes corrosion and poor electrical contact. Both of these will cause electrical troubles.

Remove any corrosion in switches and between wire connectors and dry out any hidden moisture with compressed air.

Aside from electrical problems, water can get into the fuel tank, carburetor and the engine itself .. any of this and similar can prevent the engine from running. Completely drain the entire fuel system and discard that fuel Remove the cylinder to mop out the crankcase. If it's got a gear box, drain that oil and refill it with fresh.. Leave no stone unturned.. It may take a couple of days to check through everything.

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Tom Winters /

So far no one seems to have mentioned the spark plug. You may need to replace that. If it has any corrosion the motor isn't going to turn over no matter what you do. When you remove the plug see if you can look into the head and that its clear of any junk also. If it filled with water, anything could have gotten into it through the exhaust, which is going to be a problem. Anything gritty might damage the cylinder and piston, at which point you won't get any compression and you might have to replace both.

I would remove the exhaust pipe and examine the port as well. Then I would pour a few bottles of rubbing alcohol through the cylinder and exhaust port to flush out any water and crud as well as to dry everything out. The water will disolve in the rubbing alcohol and help to dry out the motor as well. You may need to do the same to your carberator. Also check your air filter and air box. I am sure they are going to need cleaning as well.

Tom W (Scooter and Harley Davidson owner)

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there must be a short somewhere along th way check over the wires

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