Variator Clutch mobylette

!!! I had my moby x running when the clutch was jammed up with the plates stuck between the outer cover.

I have now got the plates back where they should be but the outer clutch casing is missing the nut to lock the whole clutch together. The both that the nut is supposed to attach to does not stick far enough forward to attach any noventional nut to (but doesnt appear to be broken as it had the grease nipple on the end). The clutch cover has a thread on it in the center What fit here any pics or good descriptions so i can have it made?

I have attached a pic of my clutch


Re: Variator Clutch mobylette

Did you remove the outer clutch cover?

Did you replace it with a different one?

you have to bang the clutch cover on. once it is in deeper, the original nut should work. as long as it is the same clutch cover.

Motobecane made 2 clutch covers a variator, and a normal 1 speed

Re: Variator Clutch mobylette

If you replaced the 1 speed clutch with a variator, you would need a variators nut.

Allthough I have a variator clutch with no nut on it. I have put about 500 miles on it that way

Re: Variator Clutch mobylette

Had the varator clutch with no nut from the begining but because the clutch plates were jammed inbetween the outer cover and the rest of the clutch it was not futctioning.

Now that i have the clutch free and back on the bike with no nut i cano, get the top cover to stay on!!.

I think the varator clutch has a funny nut tht must be a lot different from the nonvariator to fit the thread and the axyle.

How have you got your cover to stay on an the clutch to engage dan?

Re: Variator Clutch mobylette

just closed bummer.

I may be able to get you one of these

I will post here if I get one

Mine is stuck on.

the clutch must be banged back on even when you have the right nut

Re: Variator Clutch mobylette

Dam thats what im looking for, ill try emailing them to see if they have any more!!!!.

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