Sachs Brake Light Issues

Ok here is what is going on, the rear brake light switch is unhooked so the brake light stays on all the time, the two ways to make it go off are to touch the open wires together, or hook it up to the new working switch I put on. When either of those are done the light goes off, but the motor sounds bad and runs rough, the brake light does work using the front brake if the rear switch wires are touched, or using either if they are both hooked up.

In addition to the rough running, when the brake is engaged and the light is on it smoothes out, until you let off the brake then it really trys to die, and if the headlight is on it dies every time.

Any ideas? I checked all connection points for the wires and everything looks good.

Re: Sachs Brake Light Issues

Ben Van Zoest /

Seems like an unintended grounding somewhere. With an Ohm meter on 0 Ohm setting and all switches and engine off see if the hot wires shows NO circuit/cross. Do you have an schematic of the wire loom?

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