Derbi Predator LC

I have a problem with the ignition side of this bike, (I think)

It was running fine, then died and wouldn;'t start again.

I did all the usual things like check for fuel and spark, and it doesn't seem to be sparking. It does however appear to be getting power to the coil unit, but no power through the coil. Is there any way of checking to see if this is the problem or if it is the cdi unit ? Any advice would be great

Re: Derbi Predator LC

Are you sure the sparkplug is still good. Try a known good sparkplug.

Re: Derbi Predator LC

the plug is fine. as soon as the connections for the coil are connected to the coil, it seems to short out the power going to the coil, so i assume that the coil is knackered

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