1973 Vespa

What is the oil to gas ratio? This is a "Ciao" ( 1973 Vespa ). It stalls after running about 2 miles.

Re: 1973 Vespa

Bruce Wilkinson /

Mixture 50 to 1. or 2%. I mix a can of gas using the gascap measurer full of oil and a leter of gas. The carb is in need of cleaning most likely. bruce

Re: 1973 Vespa

And if the carb clean/rebuild doesn't yield any results, pull the fuel line to see what kind of flow you're getting.

If you get good flow and it still shuts down after a couple of miles, then it may be that your ignition coil is overheating and needs replacement.

Let us know how you make out.

Your Pal,


1973 Vespa

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

It sounds like a fuel flow problem. Loosen your gas cap and try it again. Jim.

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