78 Sachs G-3 or Westlake

I just picked it up and it needs engine covers. The horn works but Headlight and Break don't and it needs a Gas Cap. So before I get to deep in to it. What is the difference?

Re: 78 Sachs G-3 or Westlake

a westlake has the tank in the frame, and most g-3's are a top tank.

The gas caps, and side covers are the same, I think.

to tell what motor you have does the pedal go thru the engine, or is it attached to the frame?

Pedals attached to frame- 504 motor, It's a westlake

pedals attached to engine- 505 motor, it's either a G3 or a balboa.

check out the photo section.

Re: 78 Sachs G-3 or Westlake

regarding the headlight and "brake" lights.....check the bulbs and wiring for secure connections........if you have a 504 with a motoplat......they seem to have "ghosts" in the electrical systems.........hard wiring the lights seems to help most folks.

Re: 78 Sachs G-3 or Westlake

Got My answer. It's a Westlake. Moped pics have a Westlake labled as as G3. Person on it at garage door (1978 Sachs G-3 (Red) is a Westlake.

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