Motobecane Blinkers/Indicators Wiring

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for Motobecane 50v with blinkers/indicators? The manuals in the repair sections don't show blinkers/indicators.

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Re: Motobecane Blinkers/Indicators Wiring

Further to the above, does ANYONE have any information about blinkers/indicators on the Motobecanes? My guess is this was only a requirement in Australia or something?

Re: Motobecane Blinkers/Indicators Wiring

The only blinkers I've ever seen on a 50V were aftermarket Cateye brand signals. Operated by batteries in a small white plastic case, and controlled by a switch on the handlebar. Think they used 4 D-cells.

A while back, someone on eBay was selling sets of the large stalk mounted Cateye signals as 'Motobecane OEM'.

Can you show us a pic of your signals?

Re: Motobecane Blinkers/Indicators Wiring

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

thier is a little adptor that i have seen that clips onto yoru magneto where the lighting coil comes out. this allows you to run yoru directional off of your bikes power. much cleaner look. if you know someone with even a little bit of electrical knowledge they should be able to help you fabricate a whole directional setup.

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