Weird problem with Puch

My 1980 Puch Maxi won't start.

When I pedal, the headlight comes on, but it doesn't have a reliable spark (it will spark about 20% of the time that I kick it over).

I was playing around with it and the weirdest thing happened--

I turned the kill switch from "Run" to "Off" and kicked it. When I do this, the horn goes off without me even pressing the horn button.

Can anyone suggest what the problem might be? I think it's something with the wiring.


Re: Weird problem with Puch

Definetly the wiring. Check the link for a manual. You might need a new spark plug, clean the boot, maybe check for good connections on both ends of the spark plug wire.


Re: Weird problem with Puch

Re: Weird problem with Puch

This is just a quick thing to try. Disconnect the horn wires from the horn and conect them together and see if it starts as normal.Some times when the horn or horn switch shorts the bike won't run.Jim

Re: Weird problem with Puch

Thanks Jim. I'll try that tonight.

Meg - I already have the wiring diagram and the wiring looks correct.

Any other trouble shooting ideas?


Re: Weird problem with Puch

need more clues.. have you cleaned the points? and when did this trouble start .. did the bike ever run for you or is this a new project bike?

Re: Weird problem with Puch

Is the switch mounted securely to the handlebars? This will make a difference. I had a Maxi with exactly the same symptoms but it was sold before I ever got to the bottom of the problem. Mopeds in general have very strange(to an auto mechanic)wiring and electrical systems. Good luck

Re: Weird problem with Puch

take the blue wire with black stripe and ground it. you horn is toast..


Re: Weird problem with Puch

OK, I tried disconnecting the horn and connecting the two wires. It still doesn't start.

I'll try Ben's suggestion next. If you guys can think of anything else let me know.

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