Kinetic TFR/USA carb.

I'm seriously thinking of installing the "speed" exhaust and carb jet that Cosmotor sells for the TFR/USA.

25 MPH top speed is just not safe on many of the roads around here.

Has anyone removed/replaced the carb on this beast?

I understand that it's knock-off of the older Vespa Ciao, but I'm not sure.

I had a Vespa Bravo, and the carb was real easy to remove on that model.

Any help or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.



Re: Kinetic TFR/USA carb.

i understand that some roads are not safe while traveling 25 mph and, i too, wanted my ped to whip past 30 mph, but i've had my TFR-USA above 30 several times and it feels pretty shaky with a lot of vibration. the ideal speed for this bike is between 25-30mph.

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