Stop Leak in trany works!

I few weeks ago i posted that my Minarelli V1 motor had some bad crank seals that caused case oil to burn off in the cyl..

Well i decided to try some stop leak and see what that would do and sure enough it stopped the seals from leaking.

The bike ran real good before but now it runs even better.

I definitely don't suggest this as a permanent fix but it did the trick for me.


Re: Stop Leak in trany works!


I read this and I've got to ask, how long did this quick fix last before having to replace the crank seals. That, and how much did you have to add in?


Re: Stop Leak in trany works!

How long has this engine been running? Did it have bad seals when you got it or did it develop them over time? Could simply running the engine has solved your problem?

Re: Stop Leak in trany works!

reverse engineer the Stop-Leak (it seems to be some kinda coarse fiber covered in aluminum flake and dust) and get a patent .. and get rich.

too late!

That Bar guy aint no dummy .. beat everyone to the punch.


1. Will Bar’s Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak clog my oil filter?

No. Unlike our cooling system product, Bar’s Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak has no particles to plug the leak, it works chemically to stop leaks in gaskets and seals.


BAR&#8217;S LEAKS Block seal head gasket repair stop leak and liquid copper sealer

BAR&#8217;S LEAKS Anti-rust and water pump lubricant

BAR&#8217;S LEAKS Cooling system cleaner & flush

BAR&#8217;S LEAKS Engine oil stop leak

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BAR&#8217;S LEAKS Radiator stop leak

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