almost done

this is my yankee peddler, i still have a few things to make it 100%. let me know what you think


Re: almost done

sorry for the huge picture but thats the only way i know how to do it

Re: almost done

looks great, keep on the good work!!!


Re: almost done

Brian Mikami /

Looks good...the front rim needs a little help. You gonna put any decals on?

Re: almost done

Are those 16" rims?

If so I have a set of decent rims I'd be willing to sell for $20.00 + shipping.

If interested let me know and I'll post a pic of them.


Re: almost done

yes i am very interested, please send pics.

Re: almost done

i would like to put decals on if i can find any good ones and does anyone know how to take the rear shocks apart to paint them?

Re: almost done

Looks good to me!

Nice and clean.

Re: almost done

A lot of moped shocks are assembled and sealed at the factory, and are not meant to come apart. You can get new ones from handy bikes in ohio.

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