Hobbit float?

Does anyone know where to measure the float height on a '78 Hobbit The picture in the shop manual is kind of unclear. Thanks

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With the carb held upside down, that 10mm is the distance between the carb body and the "top" of the float. If the float lays just about parallel with the carb body it's good..

In the pic they are holding the crb body sideways.. vertically .. that would make the float swing away from the carb. But the measuring tool they use has a sliding gauge and that sliding part holds the float gently against the float needle.. the pic is confusing and blurred.

Re: Hobbit float?

Jason Luther /

mine measures 1 cm, is that okay?

Re: Hobbit float?

Jason Luther /


Don't hold it upside-down

The carb should not be held upside-down to measure the float height.. especially if it has a spring-loaded plunger in the end of the float needle. The measurement will not be accurate.

Hold the body sideways, with the float on the downside. Rotate the body until the float fully contacts the needle - and take your measurement.

This is why they are holding the body sideways in the manual.

Re: Hobbit float?

they crashed a Mars explorer because of people like you..

Re: Don't hold it upside-down

nope.. i know what you mean but the weight of the float is lopsided .. it hangs at an angle.. It cannot hang straight. The float's metal hinge tang won't be anywhere near the needle.

it's like holding a square piece of plywood between two fingers from one corner..

hinge pin position.

this pic explains what i tried to say.

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