minareiil wiring

I just took apart the V1 engine on my unit and am curious about the wiring coming out of the electrical side of the engine.

All the diagrams I have seen show 3 or 4 wired coming out (other than the spark plug wire) and my engine only has two wires. All the diagrams are for a system with a battery and blinkers. My unit does not have these and the coil is built into the stator plate.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram that shows this direct wiring setup? The one in mopedriders.org is the wrong one with the battery.

Re: minareiil wiring

i dont have a diagram but the other wires are for the head light, tail light and horn. just match up the colors and your good

Re: minareiil wiring

Silverfox Sullivan /

Sorry for the misspelling on the original post. I made a copy of the connection colors before I disconnected it but I would like to get the original diagram so I can troubleshoot the system when I get the engine back together.

Re: minareiil wiring

Mike sorry i never got back to you about those seals.

With the part #'s you gave me and the manufactures i had no luck cross referanceing them.

The best thing is to take the seals down to where ever you plan on buying them and have them match them up.

I decided to try a stop leak trick before tearing into the motor and it worked out for me no more seal leak.

Sorry i cant help with the wiring my Ped has tree wires and no switches and all color coated.


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