Vespa grande flywheel puller

Hi swarm-members,

Anybody around the twin cities, MN area got a puller to get the flywheel off a Grande engine shaft?

I 've got an old Haynes book for Ciao and Bravo and it gives a number T0035485 for the puller.

I've tried the soft mallet, gloves, etc. - no dice.

Swarm on, bruthas & sistuhs


Re: Vespa grande flywheel puller

I have Vespa mopeds parts for sale including the flywheel puller. Please email me at for prices.

Re: Vespa grande flywheel puller


I have a handful of various pullers.. if you can tell me the thread size and pitch you need, I'll let you know. Happy to loan a tool, with a deposit.

I've lost way too many tools over the years to just hand them out, these days.

Re: Vespa grande flywheel puller

This may sound like i'm joking but i'm not. I've worked on lots of vespa engines, and i've never used a pulley. Get yourself a rubber mallet, and wail on the edge of the magneto. It'll come loose, i promise. If you earch for this topic, i'm sure you'll find more info to back me up on this.

Re: Vespa grande flywheel puller

Jeff Strahle /

using a mallet will absolutley destroy the magneto. Thats what happened to my tomos when i tried the first time with a mallet. The magnets in my magneto broke and the magneto got bent. instead of wasting 25.00 on a flywheel puller i wasted 70.00. 45.00 for a new magneto and the original 25.00 for the puller.


Re: Vespa grande flywheel puller

Not on the Vespa. They aren't mounted on a tapered shaft like most other mopeds, so a quick whack with a mallet should pop it loose so you can pull it straight off the shaft. I'd try some Liquid Wrench or something to try and get it unstuck.

Re: Vespa grande flywheel puller


I appreciate every one of your responses and suggestions.


Matt, your last comment gives me the "courage" to persevere without the "proper" tools ;o) Tapered shaft couplings that haven't been apart for 25 years - been there - used a special puller and some heat.

If this is a straight shaft, (need to look at the pictures in my manual, I guess) some penetrant, wacks on the the hub, and a hair dryer for some heat, might be worth another go.

Legendre, you're pretty close to where I live so if there is a need to use your pullers I'll let you know for sure - thank you.

ok - I will say this: of the various technical type forums I've tried on the web this group is tops

Thanks again - i'll let ya know how it goes.


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