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I just got a 1986 suzuki FA50 moped in a trade deal. It has 1600 total miles on it and was owned by an older guy, now deceased. Anyway, I know nothing about this machine except it's in really like new shape except being stored in a barn for twenty years. I'm trying to find an owners manual or shop manual for it. I don't know if is kick start, electric start or what??? Bought a new battery for it, but all that does is make the horn blow and the turn signal work. It has a pedal lever on the port (left) side of the lower case, but it just freely turns when you try to kick start it like a full size older bike. But I can't get the engine to turn over, no matter what I try. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated......

JR !

Re: Suzuki moped

look up on this page and find the "Search" link ..

type in the words: suzuki fa50 manual

Then tic the "message bodies" box.

use the drop-down arrow and select "All Dates"

A few hits.. one says Suzuki has one for $35 and I stopped reading.. for all i know someone bought a manual and scanned and posted it somewhere.. Search again using different word combinations to get more thread hits.. (like kick start ? or whatever.. )

Re: Engine won't kick start

Did you try holding down the left brake while kickstarting it?

Re: Suzuki moped

The Amish Weber /

Put new gas in it, turn the choke on, hold the starting lever, and run with it until it starts.

Re: Suzuki moped


the Suzuki FA50 has a lever that must be retracted by the left (rear) brake lever before the kick start will engage. make sure that the brake cable is attached to the lever, and give it another kick.

good luck

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