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The back fire is due to a mis adjusted timing many people think adjust the breaker and you have adjusted the timing. This is wrong there the whole TDC thing or on a Puch the rottating of the base plate etc. Anyway I have a Peugeot the engine is very similar to Batavus engines as I have worked on both. You must get the timing right research and study till you fully understand the timing prosedure in any case do that and get it right. I have a saying to myself and friends "there is no Moped I can't get running well" so far this has been true. I have somthing to tell you that might solve your problem seeing as Peugeot and Bataves engines are similar, that is they are both reed valve engines. The spark thing I know you will eventualy get right, after that kick the engine over see if the plug is wet (it should be soaked in gas) that is assuming your plug does not fire. The idea is to find out if you are getting good gas flow to the engine, if not as I think is your problem. You have a air leak reed valve engines are more complex than piston ported engines and require a perfectly sealed crank case to work right. I was wondering if your engine runs verry hot (overheating) my bike has this problem and I have done everything to fix it. This is my theory engine overheats due to lack of oil this is caused by a air leak somewhere on the crankcase, this overheating causes condenser to behave erratically and or causes Carburator to overheat vaporizing petrol causing improper Carburator function. So look for oil from gas around your engine this will indicate a leak it must be fixed by replacing gasket or oilretaining ring or whatever is causing a leak. Hope fully you can see oil leaking if not the leak could be up higher and will be difficult to find. This overheating/airleak and condenser failure is just my thesis as to my Peugeot's problems, I thought it might apply to you. The engines are both Reed Valve engines and theroreticaly could be suffering the same problem. You may be suffering diffrent or added problems now as you have changed variables with playing around with the timing. In any case hope you can find the problem, locating and air leak is tricky and fixing it is a major undertaking requiring disassembly of the clutch or possibly the whole engine itself. GOOD LUCK

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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