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Yeah, there is a strong stream of fuel when I pull the line out from the carb banjo, and when I take the float bowl cover off, the bowl is full of gas and the float is floating at the top. I've cleaned the inside of the carb a couple of times with both compressed air and spray carb cleaner stuff. I know the carb is clean, that's not the problem. I've put new gaskets in between the crankcase-reed valve and reedvalve-intake manifold and coated those gaskets with silicone sealant stuff. It's definitely running out of gas, like I'll kickstart it and it'll go, and it won't die when the throttle is on like full or half, but if I let go of the throttle for even a couple of seconds it dies. also, at full throttle, it doesn't fire everytime, it'll fire maybe 10-15 revolutions and then skip a couple, like 5 or so, and then another short burst and then no firing. You know what I mean? It sounds and behaves exactly like it does when it actually runs out of gas. And spark isn't the problem. I've tested this numerous times, and everytime it has very strong spark. I was wondering how often there are leaks at the crankshaft seals, you know, like behind the clutch or magneto, or if this is something that can actually happen. I tried to test for this, too. I took off the reed valve and placed a piece of plastic torn from a grocery bag airtight over the crankcase inlet. I then rotated the flywheel. It looked like there was a vacuum, like it tried to suck the piece of plastic in, but it wouldn't stay sucked in, it would suck in and then quickly return to it's original form. Does that make sense? I don't know what that means if anything. I really have no idea; but if anyone else does, I'd be very appreciative. Oh, and sorry about the longwindedness.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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