remove broken bolt

i have a bike with a broken bolt stuk in the engine block and i wanted to no if any one had any ideas how to get the remaing parts of the bolt out of the engine


Re: remove broken bolt

maybe it's end can be grabbed and turned with a small Vicegrips pliers .. once it moves up a tiny bit it can be grabbed better.. should be easy to unscrew.

if someone can weld a small nut to the top of the broken piece, it can be removed with a wrench.

or drill a hole through the center of what's left of it and use an Easy-out .. a hard twisted pointed thing that is designed to grab the drilled hole. Then unscrew the broken piece. Easy-Outs come in a small set (for different size bolts) for about $5 or so. The kit tells you what size hole to drill.

probably a couple other ways.. hang in there..

Re: remove broken bolt

several methods are used, my favorite is to use a left handed drill bit and drill it exactly in the center nearly as large as the broken bolt. usually it will come right out. I NEVER use easyouts cause when they break off you are screwed (pun intended). One other method that works if the bolt isn't too siezed is to drill it exactly in the center and drive an allen wrench into the hole. try to use an allen wrench that just fits snuggly so you don't spread the bolt tighter. hope this helps

Re: remove broken bolt

I have always been a fan of the blowtorch and hammer method.

I've used easy outs before too- metric ones run a little more pricey than standard and can be harder to find.

When you put everything back together- make sure to use antiseize!!

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