broken bolt in engine block

i just got a motomarina and i was changing the bolts on the engine and one broke Dose any one now if the engine will still work with only three bolts like if i make them all really tight or do i need a new engine or will like putting to gasket work better or any kind of info like that would be great


Re: broken bolt in engine block

What part of the engine did it break on? And you dont want to overtighten them or they have a chance of breakin too.

Re: broken bolt in engine block

it broke on the housing of the piston like the cylinder pieace

Re: broken bolt in engine block

you risk serious engine damage if you run only 3 bolts. the bike will probably run fine until it gets hot.. then air will leak in and out of the head gasket area and the cylinder base area. This fresh air will lean the air:fuel mixture and overheat something..

First thing to happen will probably be it gets the head so hot it warps upward on the corner where there is no bolt.. But a warped head is not the worst that can and will happen if you insist on continuing to ride it.

If the bolt's engine threads got stripped, bring the engine to a mechanic who can install a HeliCoil or similar for a few dollars..

If the bolt snapped off, remove what's left of it in the hole and get a new bolt. (You can remove it in a few ways.. ask if interested)

And buy a torque wrench.. and follow the torque specifications in the manual.

Re: broken bolt in engine block

Michael Colin /

I've broken 2 bolts like you have from mopeds I've gotten. Go on E-Bay and get Craftmans easy outs. One side of them drills into the broken bolt and the other end of the tool goes into the hole and it takes the broke bolt out. You can go to Sears if you can't wait but it's going to cost you $30.. or more. MIKE

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