77 Puch Maxi w/Bing carb


I've posted a few times before regarding my 77 Puch Maxi (2hp). It won't run right with the airbox on, only with it off. I really don't want to run the motor without a filter of some sort, and even worse, many of you have told me that it can cause engine damage. Plus, it smokes a lot.

Anyways, in my quest to get this thing running right I took the jet out of the carb. It has the number 58 (or 5-8, hard to read) stamped on it. And the carb has the number 1/14/160 stamped on it.

Do I have the right jet? If not, where do I get the right one? If it is the right one what do I do next? Have already completely disassembled carb, soaked in carb cleaner and blown out with an air compressor. New fuel line and filter installed too.

Thanks, Bill Johsnon

Re: 77 Puch Maxi w/Bing carb

58 on a 14mm carb sounds right. that's the 2hp set up, which is correct for your bike. (You can check the manuals on mopedriders.org)

However, it should run with the airbox on. If it runs with the airbox off, it may overheat and also you will get all sorts of nasties in your carburetor and engine. Your airbox is probably gooed up. You can crack the airbox open and clean out the filter, but I recommend purchasing a new filter. You can custom fit a small cheap filter that you might find at autozone or you could purchase a maxi filter off of a moped shop (check the links page) If you go with a custom filter or a hiflow air filter, you will likely have to upjet (go to the next largest jet size- but get a bunch of different sizes to see what works best) Just make sure you aren't overheating, running too rich or too lean. If, after running around the block, you spit on your cylinder head or exhaust, it shouldn't sizzle.

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