Weird rattling on my FA50

I own an FA50 that runs very well. The only "problem" I have is some weird rattling sound when I drive at high speeds. What makes the sound interresting is that it does not come from my motor/transmission. I am almost certain that it comes from the front of the moped; somewhere near the handlebars. I suspected loose bolts so I checked them all and they were all tightly screwed in.

I now have no clue where the sound can be comming from, but I have 2 more hints to help you guys analyse this. I hope they help:

1) The rattling occurs when I am driving at top speed (more vibration) and does not happen when I run at full throttle on my kickstand (tire in mid-air). This is how I deducted that it was from heavy vibrations.

2) The sound stops if I push on the handlebars firmly forward or if I pull them towards me. But don't think they move or anything... they are solidely attached to the frame.

I hope you can help me out.

Re: Weird rattling on my FA50

you adjust the steering head tube's bearings?

these can be hard to get right.. depending on the bike there might be a nut and a lock nut above it.. Although the locknut feels tight the one underneath may be loose.

cause it sure do sound like that steering head is loose.. and something in or on the front end vibrates, like a fender or shock absorber component.. and it's making the actual noise.

BTW, if the bearings do need adjustment you'd tighten the nut till there is no slop.. but the wheel can easily move left and right with no resistance.

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