Moped Repair in Columbus, Ohio

We have a 1999 Tomos Targa A35. Started for a while, but now won't catch. The choke won't manually shut off with the throttle. The throttle cable appears to be loose near the handle. Don't know if that's the cause or not, but they certainly seem to be connected.

Could someone recommend a mechanic in the central Ohio area? We've talked to Handy Bikes, but they've got a three-week lead time and I'd like to get it repaired sooner than that. Any suggestions?



Re: Moped Repair in Columbus, Ohio

Don Pflueger /

ikes bikes in georgetown.

or fix it your self. on the carb there is a barrell adjuster. turn it all the way in so that the cable is as loose as it can get. then, up on the throttle, on the bottom front side, you should see a small screw that moves in and out as you turn the throttle. loosen this screw some but dont take it out. push the throttle cabl and wire tight into the throttle. if you can see the wire coming thru the little slide where you loosened the screw, then pull it taught. tighten up the little screw on the throttle control. then adjust the barrell down on the carb until the choke will open up as you go to full throttle. its really a simple adjustment.

any more questions just feel free to ask. fixing it yourself is free and much faster.

Re: Moped Repair in Columbus, Ohio

i know someone here in chillicothe ohio name john he know how to get any moped there working no matter how old it is

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