idling problems

Hello. My moped starts maybe once out of every 5 or 6 kickstarts, and then when it does, it won't idle, and if I let off the throttle for even a couple seconds, it dies. It has strong spark and compression, and I've taken off the carb a few times a cleaned it THOROUGHLY with carb cleaner stuff. Any Ideas?

Re: idling problems

starting clutch cable adjustment.. choke operation.. idle adjusting screw .. vacuum leak..

you talking about the batavus in your profile or some other bike?

Re: idling problems

I'm talking about the Batavus VA that I have. Yeah, thanks, I think it's a vacuum leak. I don't think the reed valve is sealed against the carb and the case.

Re: idling problems

I've had success stoping vacuum leaks in that area with Permatex 2 (non-hardening gasket sealant) It's a thick creamy black stuff that won't glue things together so disassembly is easy... no waiting.. thin smooth coat on all surfaces and bolt it together.

It's not made for liquid fuel leaks.. Use it on the carb / intake manifold flange and similar, but not on the float bowl.

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