Mobylette Gas/ Oil mix

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This is going to really sound like a dumb question, but I've been searching online for an hour to no avail. What is the mix ratio for a Mobylette. I just got a 1977 Moby and I think it's 50 :1 but there ain't no sticker saying so and I don't want to F... it up. Thanx for your replies. You can make fun of me too if you need to. LOL Bye Bye

Re: Mobylette Gas/ Oil mix

Matt Van Den Hengel /

I finally found it. Well, seeing as I was the first to respond, I thank myself for the info. I hope somebody got a laugh out of this, as I did. Later

Re: Mobylette Gas/ Oil mix

i'd start with something safe like 32:1 (one ounce of regular 2-stroke oil per quart of gasoline). If there's lots of smoke or if oil drips from the tail pipe, cut back to 40:1 or whatever .. If you open the engine and see a nice coat of oil under the piston it's ok.

Lots of brrand new bikes around the late 1970's specify 25:1 but since that time oil formulations have improved .. my bike (PA50) smokes and drips bad at 25:1 but at 32:1 it's ok. Engine wear also has something to do with how much oil should be used. Adjust as necessary. Too much oil is a lot better than toasting the engine.. so use enough.


Personally i dont like synthetics.. they raise the cost of a gallon of gas about 50% or more.. and they dont lube any better than regular oils...

and they dont mix as well with gasoline because solvents are removed. The main thrust behind synthetics is the elimination of solvents in the oil.. it's a matter of reducing air pollution and 2-stroke emmisions and all that.. environmentalism..

and desperation by 2-stroke engine makers. Gotta find a product that sells under current laws as used in new vehicles to pass smog regulations..

and the outrageous advertizing and marketing claims for these oils is as slick as the oil, imho.

Re: Mobylette Gas/ Oil mix

I'm willing to pay the extra dollars to keep the smoke down. It attracts less attention, which is a good thing when you're already driving an odd vehicle.

Re: Mobylette Gas/ Oil mix

i've used it.. RedLine's smokeless is great stuff.

But the cost.. jeeze.. im not a cheapskate but i don't like spending $8 for a pint or buying 5 year's worth in bulk to get the cost down..

i guess i just like to rant about the synthetics.. still got a couple shells in the magazine but i don't wanna bore anyone.

Re: Mobylette Gas/ Oil mix

I like less smoke and less polution. but I really like never fouling plugs. $8 a pint sounds like alot of money, but it treats like 12 gallons. 12 gallons = aprox 1200 miles. that is not expensive especially considering spark plug savings.

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