Dead Hobbit

Hi! I have a 78 Honda Hobbit. It usually runs great though I don't use it often. The last time I tried (after sitting for the winter) it wouldn't start. I found it has no spark. I'm suspecting the coil but experienced help would be appreciated. If it is the coil where can I get a new / used one? thanks chrisd

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If i leave my Hobbit sitting around for just a few weeks it won't start or maybe it won't idle.. If i clean the carburetor it's fixed. I think the gasoline deteriorates and clogs small passages in the carb.

I doubt the ignition has a problem.. they don't get weak with age in storage. But a few failed attempts to start can foul the plug.. or the plug is gone and needs to be replaced anyway..

So that's what i'd do.. get a brand new plug and test for spark..

Then spray some Starter Fluid into the air intake (little 3-holed rubber spout near the left-front of the airbox) If it starts the carb is clogged.

May as well give the whole bike a good looking over and a tuneup while you're at it.

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a few other things.. turn ON the ignition switch .. and set the kill switch to RUN.. everyone (me) forgets once in a while..

Insects and rodents like to build nests in various parts of bikes.. and some vermin chew wires .. some builds nests or hives in the air intake box.

make sure there's plenty of fuel in the tank. If it started and ran recently but then wouldnt start, remove the carb intake hose and drain some fuel into a container.. if it doesn't flow smooth and steady clean the little filter in the petcock.

If it still doesnt flow go deeper, like remove the petcock and clean it's screen.

Another test for fuel entering the carb is it's float bowl's drain screw. It is accessed through the pedal sprocket and through a little hole in the engine's swingarm sheet metal. Get a falt screwdriver in there and loosen the drain screw. Fuel should continuously pour from the carb bowl's drain tube (Its end should be near the centerstand's spring). Get a bucket and rag so fuel isn't pouring onto the floor.

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Joew: Thanks for the info and advice! I did remember to make sure the kill switch was on. I've been through that route before.

I did wire brush the plug but I'll go and get a new one. Do you know the correct plug; I want to be sure.

I'm going to drain the carb as you suggested just in case. thanks for the advice. I remember doing it a long time ago. Thanks for the reminder. chrisd

Re: Dead Hobbit

the points probably need cleaning, Thats where I'd start for a no spark

Re: Dead Hobbit

NGK BP6HS .. BP5HS is hotter. The 7 is cooler.

Re: Dead Hobbit

if you left it for a year, clean your carbs, your gas might have made a clog, clean the float, then dry it with a air compresser. your plug cap my have some rust on it, just go through it and clean evrything before you buy stuff.

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