Hobbit brake pads

What's the best place to order Hobbit brake pads?

And not powersportspro - they take like a month to mail stuff.


Re: Hobbit brake pads

Try Western Hills Honda at westernhillsshonda.com

Re: Hobbit brake pads

Awesome! THanks so much. Maybe a stupid question - but do I need "Shoe, RRK Brake" or "Shoe Kit, Brake"?



Re: Hobbit brake pads

Don't know.

Give them a call.

I would think that the shoe is the individual shoe which you would need two of.

Shoe kit brake should be both shoes.

Don't have any idea what RRK Brake would be.

Re: Hobbit brake pads

I've got new pads for front and back for the Hobbit and a used rear brake assembly complete with pads with lots of surface left.

What exactly do you need?

The new pads are NOS and are in the original packages although one package is open and include the little return spring and spring clip for the rear.

I think I paid close to $30 for each set from a local HOnda dealer and I would be happy to get $20 plus shipping. The use brake assembly I think is worth $15 plus shipping, or course.

Re: Hobbit brake pads

So you have brand new shoes that you want to sell?

If so, I'll certainly buy them!

Re: Hobbit brake pads

$20 per set plus shipping from California. Send me an email and we can do it.

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