Belt Wheel

For a 1980 Batavus Regency, do I have to remove the pedal belt pulley to remove the carb? Or is there an easier way?



Re: Belt Wheel

take off that top and bottom bolt mounting the carb to the bike, and then you can slide it forward some and take out the throttle slide and what not and undue the bowl and main jet and clean or whatever you need to do, im currently working on my Trac which has the same problem and im pretty sure you are going to have to take the wheel off to remove the carb completely.

Re: Belt Wheel

I saw a previous posting that suggested using an impact wrench. I really don't have access to one of those. Is there any other way to get that pulley off? Or is it just brute strength and good wrenches?

And if I can't get it off, will the carb be adequately cleaned with the spray?



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