'80 Puch Sport MK II 2 spd overhaul

Hi everyone,

I have a 1980 Puch moped, 2 speed, (photos to follow) and I bought it from a kid my town for 40 dollars four summers ago. At the time it ran, but was kinda falling apart. At the end of summer I but it into storage and didn't touch it for another few years. When I tried to get it running again, it could not get it to turn. And not it has been in outside storage for another year.

I have read Fred's guide to fixing your moped, and I plan on following every step of that his weekend (and beyond). I guess the real question is: If it ran before (and the 2-spd tranny worked as well), is there really only a short list of things that should make it run again? It sounds as if it is the carb - the outside storage must have it gunked big time.

I am going to start with the sparkplug and move on to the carb. Clean the points and so on. I need parts: throttle, cables, and I need to triple check for safety. It does not have pedals and needs to be kickstarted. So if anyone could... where do you get parts online? NOS or OEM even?

Anyhow, if anyone has any advice to getting this thing on the road, that would be kick-ass. Just to get it running again would be cool. I took a long look at it last night and it seems to be in OK shape. I spent years working on an old 1.2L VW Beetle and have the hankerin' for some wrenchin.

Thanks in advance, Jojito

Re: '80 Puch Sport MK II 2 spd overhaul

Sorry for the addition...

I read once that the moped will not start if a bulb is burned out - as a safety feature. Is this true?

Re: '80 Puch Sport MK II 2 spd overhaul

Well, I know in the 70's models of Puchs, it was true. I don't know if they changed that or not...

You can, however, use replacement 12v bulbs even in a 6v system, I've been told, but they'll run really dim. My advice, look for an old car parts store (like a vintage, 20's-ish place?) for light bulbs. I'm lucky enough to have one of these right down the street from me so I can get head/tail lights all the time... hahaha.

Also, for parts check out ikesbikes.com (call or e-mail works best, his site is kind of bare), themopedjunkyard.com (the site's a little sketchy looking but I've done some considerable business with them, good guys.), mopedwarehouse.com (he does have more than he's got listed, but sometimes takes a while to answer e-mails... gets really backed up and all.), or handybikes on e-bay usually has good stuff. Also, I've never gone through them, but apparently 1977mopeds.com are really cool guys?

Welcome to the site, have fun!

Re: '80 Puch Sport MK II 2 spd overhaul

it depends on how it's wired .. Wired for safety is the short answer..

My guess is some regions mandate that something like a brake lamp be on all mopeds.. and although the manufacturer installs one the Powers That Be insist that the moped _cannot run_ if said brake lamp burns out .. So it's wired into the ignition circuit and they are satisfied.

Go HERE and grab all the puch manuals.. study the wiring diagrams. Some Puch owners may chime in and offer specific info..

Bikes that sit around develop fuel problems.. gasoline deteriorates and gums up the works. This often happens even if a bike is drained and prepared for storage.

Meanwhile the tank rusts. This rust is anxious to break free, clog up any filters, screens or the carb itself even after the system is clean enough for the bike to run.

Chances are that a good cleaning of the entire fuel pathway will get the bike back on the road. Rusty tanks can be lived with but rust-clogging-something should be on top of the list when diagnosing some future fuel-related symptom.


_When I tried to get it running again, it could not get it to turn_

I dont know what you mean by this .. couldn't get the piston to move? Since you have no pedals and the bike has a lever and cable to engage the starting clutch.. may be nothing wrong but some missing parts..

Re: '80 Puch Sport MK II 2 spd overhaul

J: When I tried to get it running again, it could not get it to turn

JoeW: I dont know what you mean by this .. couldn’t get the piston to move? Since you have no pedals and the bike has a lever and cable to engage the starting clutch.. may be nothing wrong but some missing parts.."


When it ran before, I let it gather speed downhill, then popped the clutch to start it. But last I tried, it slowed when I popped the clutch, like the engine compression was slowing it. I think that may be a good thing - at least the piston is moving and the engine holds compression.

I can't think of any reason the engine would have frozen in that time. If it is frozen, I'll sell it all for 20 bucks :) Well tonite I will be cleaning it, photographing it, and changing the sparkplug. Next I will check the fuel line and carb. Then the electrical system.

I have my original manual, but that link is awesome - I am sure there is a lot of good knowledge there. I hope this bike is worth it.

Thanks for the quick response, Denny

Re: '80 Puch Sport MK II 2 spd overhaul

man.. get some pedals .. a moped will treat you only as good as you treat it.. Steal some little kid's tricycle and swap parts..

I hope the bike doesn't find out you threatened to sell it for a lousey $20 or you'll be doing a lot of pushing (since you got no pedals).

Re: '80 Puch Sport MK II 2 spd overhaul


I had no idea I could use bicycle pedals. I got a dozen bikes and parts galore.

Didn't mean to offend my moped. I am hopeful I can get this thing to run. After just taking photos of it I realize it handles a couple of winters OK. But will it run?

Here we go... I am going to try and post a pic. I got a bad feeling it is going to be too big.


Re: '80 Puch Sport MK II 2 spd overhaul

2288 x 1712 pixels? yeah.. you could say it's kinda big but too-big is common around here.

i see you have the chain tensioner..

get some bike chain and a link-tool and maybe a master link... find a steel rod for the pedal shaft.. It's diameter will probably be perfect for some bicycle pedal parts.. I think moped manufacturers do it deliberately and purchase their bicycle parts.

Find a small sprocket and weld that to the shaft.. File flats into the shaft's ends. (180 degrees from each other) and it's done..

That bike is almost complete.. It ran before it was in storage.. no reason to think it won't fire up again with a bit of work..and to me it looks like it's well worth the extra effort of rebuilding the pedals.

I might pay $50 or so for it the way it sits.. but since you offered it for $20..

Re: '80 Puch Sport MK II 2 spd overhaul

OK dudes, thanks for the comments. I got a web page on my domain (hehman.com), and you can see more photos - cause I know you want to see the wood block, the 2 HP sticker, and the hole where the pedals should be. :) Check it out.

I'm going drink a Grolsch and inspect the bike some more - I am thinking now I did turn the thing upside down and empty the tank a while back. Need to get some air in the tires and do a little tightening - check the brakes... (any comments here?).

Can I throw a spark by spinning the wheel and dropping the clutch? Or will I need the pedals to do that?

OH! You can see the small chainring in back at the webpage...

Thanks again,


- Denny


Re: '80 Puch Sport MK II 2 spd overhaul

Jo...really, do yourself a favor and figure out a way to make your life significantly easier by mounting a pedal crank and chain on that thing! In my hunble opinion, (having owned six Magnums and 1 Maxi), one of the absolute WORSE things you can do to the bike is remove the crank/chain system! There is LIMITED pleasure to be derived from pushing a Magnum down the street (or UP a hill so you can pushstart it DOWN) and I don't think the Maxi is a vast improvement. Frankly, it was singlehandedly enough to limit my riding of my Magnum LTD. (And no, I didn't remove it; it came like that).

It would also make your other diagnostic jobs somewhat easier.

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