Air screw adjustement for a PA50?


i finish to rebuilt my Honda PA50II 1983. I put new brakes, new battery 6V, repare the seat and remove all the rust inside the gas tank.

Now it run like a new one!!!

But i'm not sur for the adjustement of the air screw adjustement?

I make one turn!

What is the real adjustement for the air screw on the carburator of a HONDA PA50II?


Re: Air screw adjustement for a PA50?

The air screw is just for the idle setting. Here is what my manual says:

Start and warm up the engine for five minutes.

1. Turn the throttle stop screw to the lowest idle speed

2. Turn the air screw in or out to find the highest idle speed

3. Set the idle speed by turning the throttle stop screw.

The idea here is to just get a dependable idle at a slow enough to not be engaging the centrifugal clutch.

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