fa50 going really slow

It might just be me but my suzuki fa50 seems to be goin really slow for my liking. The top speed on it is 23 mph. Is that low or about wat they should be at? And if that is low wat can i do to get more speed from it?

Thanks, Phil

Re: fa50 going really slow

Yeah, I have an '82 FA50 and it tops out at 25mph on a good day. You just have to deal with the fact it's a slow moped.

Re: fa50 going really slow

Although any engine can be pumped up (improving exhaust and engine breathing in general) and there are all sorts of things to do to a bike and gain some speed.. The challenge in greater since that bike is small.. small wheels.. lightweight components.. has a variator belt drive or single speed chain or belt drive?

It's a nice bike but it looks like Suzuki did not allow a lot of room for improvement in performance. Some things should be appreciated just for what they are..

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