87 Honda Express oil pump problem

I am new to this board & I am having a problem with the oil pump of my 87 honda express. About two years ago the oil tank began leaking. My father decided to use mixed gas in the fuel tank too keep the parts lubricated. the oil tank was left dry. The pump was never disconnected. It began making a sucking sound about a year ago,now it is popping too. the cover on the oil pump pulls away when it pops. When it pops it seems loose power.Is there a way to fix this?

Re: 87 Honda Express oil pump problem

Jonas Quimby /

First of all there's no such thing as an '87 Express. They stopped making them in '83.

It's very rare that the Express's oil injector fails. Do you recall what the problem was?

The proper way to bypass the oil injector on an Express is to remove the oil line that goes from the oil pump to the engine. Then put a really tight sealing cap over the spot it connects to on the engine. Then run a small loop of tube filled with oil from the oil pump's intake to it's output. This keeps it working should you ever want to use it again.

You can also remove the oil injector from the engine, remove the shaft that turns it and bolt the injector back down to cover the opening. This would eliminate the need for the loop tube.

78 not 87 so sorry

I keep typing 87 i`m so sory it`s a 78 NOT 87 i have a very bad habit of transposing numbers.

& as for the problem it`s just as I typed before. the divider between the gas & oil tanks was leaking so we began putting mixed gas in it & not using the oil tank. The pump began making a sucking sound about a year ago. Now it pops & the cover on it pulls up. First it was only popping once then it started in trippels. It loses power when it dose this.

Re: 78 not 87 so sorry

Jonas Quimby /

Well what I said about disconnecting the pump the proper way should take care of that.

Re: 78 not 87 so sorry

thank you

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