1979 PUCH

I have a 1979 PUCH that my neighbor gave me a few years ago. But prior to that we only got it to start once, I would like to get it running just for a toy to ride around town for fun. Can anyone help me with what could more than likely be the problem?

Re: 1979 PUCH

Did you clean the filter in the carb?

Re: 1979 PUCH

First test the ignition by taking a new spark plug (or a plug known to be good), ground the plug's metal base to the engine's fins with a big clamp, attach the plug wire boot to the plug and crank the engine.. you should see little blue sparks on the plug's electrodes.

Test the carb to see if it's delivering fuel by spraying some Starter Fluid into the intake.. if the bike starts the carb is not delivering fuel.

An engine needs spark, fuel and compression to fire. If you're positive that the carburetor is delivering fuel and that the ignition produces spark, test for engine compression.

Re: 1979 PUCH

Jason Luther /

use freds guide in the resources section of this page. itll make your old ped run like new again. in theory anyway

Re: 1979 PUCH

I haven't tried to fix it yet, i might start next week, I just wondered if there were any mostly possible problems I should check first.

Re: 1979 PUCH

I know NOTHING about this moped, if anyone has ANY info on ANYTHING please tell me. Thank you VERY much ;)

Re: 1979 PUCH

Ben Van Zoest /

There's a shop manual on the web you can print, do a Google search...

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