trac battery? bwah?

I purchased my trac without a battery. It starts and all that jazz, however none of the lights/signals, etc work. The previous owner had attached the 2 battery wires together. So basically now i was wondering what kind of 6 volt battery i should put in there. any input would be greatly appreciated.

Re: trac battery? bwah?

i like the gel cells ..

They're lead-acid and can deliver plenty of current if it's demanded. The gel (instead of liquid acid-water) prevents sulfation so they will survive being left unattended or partly discharged for a pretty long time. It's a totally sealed battery .. O2 and H gases that are generated internally recombine into water. (there's an emergency vent)

reasonably priced, zero-maintainance, won't leak even if you bust one open and can they be found in various rectangular shapes and sizes (amp-hour ratings) to fit into wherever spot is available.

i've got one on a bike .. havent touched that bike in 9 months.. just walked over there, turned the key and the starter motor cranked it over.

Re: trac battery? bwah?

wow, sounds great, you wouldnt happen to have a brand or model number that would work? thanks so much

Re: trac battery? bwah?

i dunno.. but they make them in all sorts of sizes.

Amp-hour rating is closely related to the size (actually, the weight) of the battery, just like regular wet-cell batteries.

"Look at the 6v chart here": and fiind one that will fit in the battery box.

Yuasa is a big company that makes gel cells for many bikes.. Google for them or similar...

Re: trac battery? bwah?

i buy much surplus stuff from All Electronics and recommend them.. never had any problem with them.

Most of their stuff is amazingly cheap compared to retail. They have a few new 6volts gel cells on THIS page .. maybe something there will fit. (select a battery's "More Info" link for dimensions.)

These guys sell tons of stuff.. 1,000 surplus motors or batteries or weird gizmos might be gone in a week..

Re: trac battery? bwah?

thanks so much man

Re: trac battery? bwah?

hi i have a new gell cell 6V battery for sale in you are interested 20.00 plus shipping

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