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On my bike the timing light shows a pretty steady spark, even at idle... the flywheel mark is slightly shakey but not more than a degree or two. Maybe the problem is the cheap-o timing light.

I'm not sure what would cause the strobe to show no flash. I think that even if the spark plug misfires the electrical energy is still passing through the plug wire and will be detected by the strobe's pickup coil.. But maybe the ignition itself is not producing energy (dirty points?)


The carb's main nozzle.. i guess you mean the brass emulsion tube above the main jet.. is held in by mild friction (and lots of dirt?).

You can start it on it's way out by pushing it's tip downwards .. the tip sticks up in the carb throat. Then it should come out with some coaxing.. (pound the carb into your fist, etc.) Perhaps an "L" shaped piece of thick wire can get in there and push it down even further.

If it refuses to fall out, compressed air into one of the air-horn brass tubes should blow it out. Otherwise maybe stick something into the main jet opening and wiggle the tube's end around a bit .. soak the area in carb cleaner.. pound and fiddle with it some more..

_do any of the small tubes in the air intake side need to be removed or do they just need air blown throw them_

no need to remove the short tubes.. probably a very bad idea to try it..

_on the idle side again, am i correct in thinking that screwing the idle screw in is increasing the air in the mix_

No.. its not that simple.

The "air" screw is actually an air/fuel screw. It allows more or less pre-emulsified fuel/air to combine with pure idle air.. this mix-of-mixture :) then enters the carb's bore through tiny idle holes near the throttle plate.

The idle mixture's emulsified fuel:air comes from the emulsion chamber above the main jet.. the pure idle air enters through one of the brass tubes in the air horn.

The mixture screw actually has nothing to do with idle rpm.. its just a fact that when the air:fuel mix is more correct more power is produced and idle rpm increases.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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