Tomos rear wheel problem

A few days ago my tire popped on my way ho9me from work on my 04 targa lx. I rode home on the rim (pretty much) for about a mile. I know thats very bad, but i had to get home. I brought the wheel into a dirtbike/quad shop and they said the rim didnt look bent at all, and they replaced the tube and tire for me. I got home yesterday, put it back on the moped and went riding.

The rear is all wobbly, the tire moves around the axle crooked. I came home took the wheel off and that black bushing/spacer (chain side) is all ground out of shape, around the edges its all rough and no more paint. Also, on the same side the wheel bearing is all messed up. I havnt checked the right side yet. Any advice for me? I cant figure out why those parts got so messed up. Any ideas? Also, where can i get new wheel bearings, and the spacer thing?

Thanks alot, Ross.

Re: Tomos rear wheel problem

Don Pflueger /

sounds like you had the adjusters on wrong and theaxle nuts came loose under torque. will have any parts you need.

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