Grande Clutch slipping???

Hey All I've had a grande for about 5 yrs with no problems, late last year I couldn't start it like I normally do....stand on the left and push the left peddle down like a motorcycle kickstarter. It just slipped!! I replaced the belt (not a Vespa belt but a almost excact match from a mower shop) and removed the rear clutch hub. the two small starter weights were glazed and didn't move freely. I cleaned them and ALSO TOUCHED UP THE BIG DRIVE WEIGHTS as they were glazed also. reassembled everything and the machine started like it always did. BUT I have a new problem. The bike has very little power up until 7 mph, It feels like the clutch is slipping too much until I get some speed then its OK. When started on the center stand, it revs right up, but when I sit on it and try and take off...very little power until 7 mph. I think the clutch is slipping too much?????

Any advice....Thanks....this machine is way to nice not to be riding it.

PS total mileage is 2000

Re: Grande Clutch slipping???

Try to find the correct belt.

Re: Grande Clutch slipping???

Bruce Wilkinson /

Zippymopeds has the correct belt. I would also order a new set of starter shoes and the small springs that go with them. The front pulley can be taken apart and some lithium grease should be applied to the rollers inside. bruce

Re: Grande Clutch slipping???

tootyredracing /

Thanks for the advice... I'll order the correct belt. I was working on it again this evening and noticed that the "mower" belt is riding in the middle of the rear pulley, I'm sure once I get the correct length belt my problem will be solved.

Thanks again!!!

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