My JAWA 210 won't run and i need help

Eliot Guthrie /

So over the last two days I've been trying to pinpoint the reason why my Jawa just died while riding. It has spark, we've swapped the ignition module from the other matching Jawa, emptied the car and let it dry out, and also have replaced the spark plug. So after reading it seems that the enigne is getting fuel passed the carb...

So I'm wondering if you guys have any other ideas, and if the problem is indeed the carb not letting fuel to the motor, what would I have to do to fix it??

Re: My JAWA 210 won't run and i need help

you tested for spark.. grounded the plug's base on the engine and cranked it over and saw spark.. so why replace ignition parts?

If it gets spark, spray some Starter Fluid into the carb's intake or the plug hole. If it runs, you've got carb problem.

If a bike just dies for no reason but fuel flow and ignition seem to be ok, go through the wiring and switches and accessories.

Look for something like a blown lamp.. a few bikes include some accessories in the ignition circuit for safety reasons.. a horn or tail or brake light or whatever.

Re: My JAWA 210 won't run and i need help

Your magnito timing could be off. If the screws come loose on the magnito then the timing could shift. look at your owners manual and u have to ajust the piston top dead center and line up your magnito. I had the same problem.

Re: My JAWA 210 won't run and i need help

If you are willing to part with an ignition module (that little black box) or you know where I could get one, I'm in dire need. Mine went bad. :(

I'd be willing to pay, of course.

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